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Search engine optimization, so that your business is found by the right target before your competitors.

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A service that can lead you to gain new customers, return old people and increase your brand awareness.

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Be found on search engines, since being first in the web counts, as the first 95% of clicks disperse in the first three places on the search.

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Without proper application of the SEO, your company risks not being found by those looking for your services.
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The main phases

Preliminary analysis

The first phase for SEO optimization, is to analyze your site, the target, the behavior of your target and where we can aim to improve.

Strategic implementation

The second phase is the implementation of the strategy studied, which can vary between the optimization of the on-site site, the creation of special landing sites, and the search for backlinks.


Through important marketing tools, the final step will test the efficiency of the strategy through the analysis of data after SEO optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is that set of strategies and practices aimed at increasing the visibility of a website by improving its position in the rankings of search engines, in the results not paid, said “pure” or “organic” results. S.E.O. is an English abbreviation (acronym) that stands for Search Engine Optimization, literally translated: “search engine optimization”.

These practices are many and concern different aspects of a website: the optimization of the site structure, HTML code, text content, the management of incoming links (or that from other sites pointing to your site, called inbound links or, more commonly, backlink) and outgoing (which from your site point to others).

Why is it important?

Nearly 9 billion searches are carried out on Google every day (Source: Statistic Brain). This data gives us the idea of how much the search for information is one of the predominant activities carried out by Internet users.

Being at the top of search engines means being in the right place at the right time and that is precisely when the user is looking for information about our company or the product / service we offer.

Most users consider the sites that are first on the engines more reliable, thus improving the company image as well as the number of visits on the site.

Why rely on professionals in the sector?

Search engines continually update their algorithms and periodically make considerable changes that can change the ordering of results for millions of websites. It is therefore important to rely on an expert SEO that is constantly dedicated to the study of search engines and their evolution.

Search engines highly appreciate sites with useful content for users while penalizing those sites that try to accommodate the algorithms without giving value to the visitor. The problem lies in the fact that the boundary between these two things is often very labile and an inexperienced SEO could inadvertently penalize your site.

How much can this affect my company?

The SEO depends on many cases and can influence more or less your company based on the type of business core (what you do and what you sell).

Since Teroro Agency wants to help you improve your business, for this reason, before offering the service, for free, we analyze the field of expertise and verify that effectively the seo optimization can bring you results that can improve the business performance.

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