Real Estate management

tourist rent and sales.

We have developed 3 products for the real-estate world together with the agencies. A complete suite for all needs, whether for rent or sales.

We offer 360 ° solutions for the real-estate sector: sales and tourist rentals.

Divided into three products that improve the way you work, saving you time and improving the efficiency of your office, increasing its performance and return on investment.


An ERP including all the necessary for the management of the tourist real estate agency.
Accounting, contracts, web hosting, channel manager, tableau, etc.


The solution to manage properties for sale with advanced CRM functionality for customer relations. Calendars shareable with the sellers and possibility of publication announcements on the portals.


The easy and quick solution to manage even a few units. Available in mobile version to easily respond to requests.

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Imagine a management that simplifies the work, which allows you to save time, have everything in order and in security, accessible wherever you are. This is Immobillo.

We offer an easy and intuitive management, a work tool that offers many facilities and can be customized according to the needs of your business.

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