Brand Strategy

When your brand is already launched, but you want it to grow more through a strategy designed to improve its visibility

From brand building

up to the brand success

Your brand, as you know, is not the logo, the brand or the payoff, but it is the set of experiences that the user has with your company, product or service. Your brand strategy defines what you represent, a promise you make and the personality you want to convey; and even if the logo, the colors and the slogan are included as a whole, only the creative elements that transmit your brand remain. Instead, your brand lives in every daily interaction with your target: for this reason, an adequate communication, but above all coherent, is essential to make a strong brand and make it remembered.

Whether the tone of voice used for communication on social networks, the colors of the brand, the extent of the forms used in the brand, the perception that users have when they hear your name are all fundamental elements in order to create a brand of success and escape from mediocrity.

Teroro Agency offers a complete, professional and targeted service for the brand strategy, through an initial in-depth analysis of your service / agency / company and a creation of a manual to be respected for communication and finally a definitive strategy to be adopted.


Brand analysis

Before proceeding, it is necessary to analyze the brand and how it is perceived from the outside, if the logo is effective and if it can transmit company values.

Target, Mission and Positioning

Discover and know your target, define and respect your mission and define your positioning on the market.


After the first phases of analysis, research and definition, the last step that remains is the implementation and analysis of results in the medium to long term.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff BezosAmazon CEO

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