Web Hosting

custom made solutions

Custom hosting solutions on high performance platforms to deliver big data performance and complex platforms


We offer tailor-made solutions for platforms, web solutions, company sites, e-commerce or even showcase sites with custom-made architectures that allow a large increase in performance with fewer resources.


We offer first class assistance for systems already defined for review, disaster recovery and system optimization, also for our customers, we are available 24/7/365.


Downtime, disasters, loss of data, penetration, will remain only a bad dream, thanks to implementations and continuous research in the field of information security.


Thanks to structures and an important experience in performance optimization, we intervene to improve performance and resources consuming.


We study, implement and test structures developed ad hoc, from the cloud, to dedicated servers, to infrastructures with load balancers and vertical and / or horizontal scalability.

Cloud Hosting

So that your platform can not be down-loaded and can be reached quickly from anywhere in the world, we use cloud hosting to ensure high performance and the ability to scale on the fly.

Content Delivery Network

To ensure high uptime and responsiveness from all parts of the world, we use a content delivery network so that each user receives the content from the server closest to him.


Cloud hosting infrastructures

Offering solutions suitable for specific needs to improve your business, this is our goal, for this reason, one of our #microservices is the web hosting specialized on cloud hosting to ensure performance, scalability, security in a fully managed service from our systems engineers.

No Downtime

Thanks to a redundant infrastructure with overhead load balancers, we can guarantee you uptime over 99.99%


No more nightmares for resources that may no longer suffice, we can offer you the ability to scale resources vertically and horizontally

Load Balancer

With the Load Balancer, you will no longer need to scale machines vertically, but you will be able to distribute traffic to different machines and remove them when they are no longer needed.

What do you really offer?

Teroro Agency offers various web hosting services, from the maintenance and improvement of already implemented systems, to the design of the architecture of new systems for large platforms, big data or for very visited sites.

Other services are domain registration, management of dedicated servers, virtual private servers, cloud servers, and shared web hosting.

In short, we offer a 360 ° service, starting from the architecture to the setting of the machines, up to the registration of domains and DNS settings.

Why can you guarantee performance and reliability?

We work only with the big players in the hosting that we have tested and tested in order to guarantee our customers a continuous and better service of 95% of the existing services, but the most important thing is the software part, we use technologies set up ad hoc for the different cases.

Our purpose is not primarily the small customer, we do not like to sell services or even give them a fixed price, because we offer custom solutions on new and high-performance custom-made machines. A good example is the use of SSDs on all the machines we have, so that even the millisecond is important when it comes to performance.

Do you have your datacenter?

Absolutely not, we do not have our own datacenter and we are not going to do it in the future. The reason for this choice is simple: just look at today’s market, technology changes often, even infrastructure, always ensure the possibility of having new data centers would then be impossible if you’re not a big player in the field and your core business is only that.

This, we define the strength of our agency, we use different services based on the different cases from the best players in circulation.

At the moment, we work mainly with OVH, DigitalOcean and AWS, which we recommend and use daily.

Am I a freelancer or a small web agency?

Whether you are a freelancer, a small web agency and do not want to be behind the system part, we can offer you a reseller plan for webhosting or collaborate to develop more complex infrastructures.

The best thing in this case is to contact us and talk about it, so together we can see what to do for you.

I have a blog or a small site, what can you do for me?

Whether you have a small blog, a showcase website, or a big news site, we can help you improve performance to ensure your users have less time to upload and guaranteed uptime. Together with web hosting services, we can help you with your blog / website in wordpress.

Control panel

For our web hosting customers we offer the leading professional control panel, Plesk, which will allow you to manage both the reseller plan and your hosting plan.


Each plan or service we offer will be subject to a transparent policy, which will allow you to know all the details and costs that will not change over time.

Let’s start improving your business