Business development

Our purpose: to offer companies a service
dynamic advice so that they can prosper and
achieve the objectives set, if not exceed them.


A professional 360° service, thanks to a more complete vision of the new paradigms, to help your company to grow and improve its business.


When your company is still using ink to handle orders, contacts or inventory management, or when there is no trace of you on Google, there is no digitization, the exploitation of new media to find new customers, to save money time to manage production processes and have a clear online presence becomes a must.


Having its own context to make itself known and to make known its online services is vital in the era of 4.0


Take advantage of social networks to reach new customers or meet new suppliers, but above all to make their presence known.

Management Software

Studying, analyzing and creating custom management accessible everywhere to manage your workflow to the fullest.


To better manage relations with their customers, giving them the opportunity to contact you anywhere and getting to know you better is essential.


Preliminary analysis

A complete analysis, from the financial to the emotional part is essential to understand you, what you do and how we can help you achieve your goals and improve your business.


Writing what has been discovered to put it in black and white is fundamental, in this phase we write the first drafts of the business plan and revise them until your approval.


In order for the business plan to make sense, you need to put it into practice and make constant checks on the actual functionality, for this reason, the last step is precisely that of verifying the effective functionality.

Business Planning

Whether you are a startup, a young company or an SME, have a business plan defined with the objectives, the corporate identity and the set of dynamics that define it, the strategy to be adopted and all the information that can give the direction to be taken, it is essential to focus on what we have to achieve. For this reason, one of the main business development services we offer is the business plan still, together with the verification of the achievement of the objectives and the advice on how to obtain them.

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Process Design

When time is money you need to optimize it to the best so that every production process is as fast and efficient as possible: thanks to varied skills in many areas we can help you adopt the best tools and the fastest methodologies that together can help you improve your income.

Process Analysis

Analysis of existing production processes and their timing


Development, research and implementation of tools suitable to help your company better


Creation of customized and optimized workflows tailored to your company

Online & Offline

We have experience both for IT processes, but also for those manuals


In order for your brand to be known and your services purchased, marketing is vitally important to reach the right customers, but you need methodology, knowledge and an appropriate application: for this reason, one of the main services we offer in business development is marketing development, one of our specialties. We implement online and / or offline campaigns of any kind, whether they are ads on google adwords or in magazines or commercials on TV, with an obvious outline of analysis and a / b testing.

Brand Architecture

Indispensable for companies / organizations that have more sub-brands and begin to feel the heaviness in managing them, above all to have a coherent and consistent image for all communication. The architecture of the brand (brand architecture), in fact, is the structure of the brands within and of the organizational identity. It is the way in which the brands of a company portfolio are correlated or differentiated from another.
We offer a complete service of the architecture design of the various brands, starting from the peculiarities of each and the organization, in order to guarantee you to transmit and give a right perception for your brands to the best, that they need to respect or stand out from the company master.

Structural Analysis

In order to proceed you must have an idea of all the brands in your possession and the peculiarities of each


Definition of the brands, of the peculiarities, of the image they must transmit, of the connection with the master and all the dynamics that concern them


According to case studies, communication must be optimized, for this reason we can follow you


In order to guarantee the correct use of the brands in the future, at the end of the design a manual with all the indications will be drawn up.


Training for the use of platforms developed by us or third-party platforms


Whether it is the new system to manage the newsletter or Google Adwords or any other tool, we will help you to understand it and use it autonomously.

Learning Process

Depending on the types of organizations, we can offer you a platform to manage the learning & training process, skill assessment, classroom courses and much more! Contact us to learn more


In order for your company and your employees to be able to carry out their work in total autonomy, they need to be better trained in the use of programs, platforms, use of the brand and its communication, tools to improve their productivity or specific tools that we recommend. We offer hours of training so that everything provided can be exploited to the fullest and in total dependence.

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In order for business development to be functional, we can combine it with different services offered

Software Development

Development and ad hoc software solutions

Business Services

Our services for your business

Company contacts

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Additional services with great potential

Web Hosting

When performance and optimization are necessary to manage big data, platforms or high-level management.


For a good presentation of the brand, a specially designed graphic is required, which we offer as a service.


Thanks to extensive experience and controversial methodologies, the first places we can guarantee you along with a greater number of visits.

Email Marketing

A complete solution for managing newsletters and automation in the field of transactional email. Management of business emails on professional platforms.

Real Estate management

Developed together with the agencies, we offer real estate agencies solutions for tourism rentals and sales, on professional platforms.

Brand Strategy

Identity architecture, brand design and development, so that the perceived brand is a brand that can reflect your company values.

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