Development of custom
made web solutions

Development of platforms, websites, management or
web tools, with special regard to the latest technologies,
so that the tool offered can do its best.

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01. Platforms

When a simple site is no longer enough and things get complicated, we enter, developing custom custom platforms, which are two-way booking platforms, b2b, complex web apps, new solutions or services that can not be adapted to existing platforms.

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02. Management Software

If you are looking for a management system for the real estate environment, for sales, to manage specific production processes or a management system for your business or to manage your staff, we can offer solutions developed to measure with cloud architecture.

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03. Web Design

Linked to business development, we develop websites for our SMEs, freelancers or individuals who can reflect and communicate in the best way their business and help them reach their target through innovative technologies with a particular taste for aesthetics.

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From the first line of code to the cloud, a hand-crafted process

An ambiguous process, with a thousand complexities and a branched path: no, we are not talking about the philosophy of life, but about the transition from development to putting online a platform, a website or any web application. To explain our method of work, however, we must start from the origin, the analysis.

The analysis is the first process to which we submit each project, we want to understand the needs, objectives, expectations and what you need so we can offer you the best solution and verify that your idea is actually feasible. We like to work on successful projects that can respect the business plan.

The second step is the development, based on a specific micro-task process proceeded from the prototype development of the design which, after approval by the customer, will be a fundamental part of the project. In this step, we develop by hand from the first line of code to the last, so that we can be sure to guarantee a high quality product based on innovative, safe and maintainable technologies.

We use different development languages, starting from PHP and Python for the backend to Vue.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, Javascript, React for the frontend, but for more complex projects we use the most suitable languages and frameworks for the purpose.

We use GIT and Mercurial repositories for any project, to make it shareable, maintainable and fault-safe.

The final stage of development is the design of the infrastructure architecture that will keep your application online, whether in the cloud, on dedicated or shared servers, that needs performance and reliability.

The last phase, the shortest but the most challenging is that of the deployment, the online mass, which however does not conclude the collaboration with you, so that every project has guaranteed and continuous assistance even post-deploy.


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A short list of the development services we offer

Showcase sites

We develop showcase sites for small or medium businesses so that your business has a good presence online.


From the sale of large quantities of products to one-product-ecommerce, with management of shipments, payments, warehouse and multi-language; we have the solution that best suits your needs.

SaaS applications

Do you have a winning idea of a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, perhaps with different payments and subscriptions and have to develop it? Contact us now!

CRM custom

We develop custom crm for specific needs based on your company to improve worflow and save you as much time as possible in managing customer relationships.

Web App

Whether it’s your idea or a business need, we develop custom web apps with cloud or local architecture developed specifically to reflect your requirements.

Speed optimization

Implementation of aggressive three-level caching, redux, memcached, CDN implementations, moving to cloud hosting services or software improvement.

Disaster recovery

Data recovery, bug fixes, deploy process improvements to bring your platform and / or website back online and prevent it from happening again.

Database Design

Optimized db-schema implementations based on different types of databases, from mysql, to mssql or non-relational databases like noSQL for different specific needs.

Resource optimization

Thanks to specific skills in the system field, we offer a service to optimize the software used on the servers, so that the same resources can accommodate a greater load.

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