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In a historical-political period in which the product and technology are no longer the protagonists, where perceived value is the subject of various paradigms and exogenous forces, we help companies to improve their business.

Different perspectives for common purposes, when the product goes into the background and the goal in the first place.

After so many years in this area we have discovered that we were doing wrong the really necessary approach to companies. The product is no longer the protagonist of our offer, but an important accessory, characterized by finishes derived from a targeted study of our protagonists with a characterizing humanistic touch.

In the foreground you pass, but more than you your business, which in a controversial historical period characterized by too many exogenous impulses, needs new stimuli, ready to bring out your purple cow … and here we come to help you improve and grow your company.

Best regards,
the founder, Alin Ionescu

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Create a unique service that can emerge in the market and go into poleposition.


It is essential to analyze the new communication paradigms and to anticipate them.


Creating engagement to increase the loyalty of its customers is essential for any business.


Identify the unexpressed, hidden, latent needs of the market to create new business opportunities.

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